PG&E Threatens Elderly Lady with Power Shut-off in Red Bluff

PG&E is threatening old ladies in Red Bluff

Reports are coming in from Red Bluff in Northern California that PG&E’s ‘smart’ meter installers have been threatening 78 year old ladies with having their power cut off unless they accept a new wireless meter on their home.   In the middle of winter, threatening to cut off the heat to an elderly person’s home is akin to a death threat.

If PG&E wants to pick a fight with the people of California, they’re sure going about it the right way.

This is from Gloria Linch’s letter to the local paper:

When I told (the ‘smart’ meter installer) my objections and that I was writing a letter to the editor of our local newspaper to vent my frustrations his expression suddenly changed and he looked very concerned. He told me to be careful about causing any problems for PG&E. He confessed that he had already been threatened by people and refused entry on properties. I told him that I could not help the actions of others but I felt it was wrong for PG&E to force the people to accept the SmartMeter without a choice and I felt compelled to continue my protest. He warned me that PG&E would retaliate by removing the old meter and leave me without any power whatsoever.

I am 78 years of age, and I took that warning as a threat. What else could it be? That warning told me just what sort of authority I was going to have to face. But even more to the point, since when does big business dictate to the citizens of California they must accept a product or survive without electricity? That is totally against our constitution of civil rights, and I do not remember voting for SmartMeters.

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4 Responses to PG&E Threatens Elderly Lady with Power Shut-off in Red Bluff

  1. Pillage and Greed…and if that doesn’t work. Execute. PG&E…

  2. Ron says:

    The big sign could just as easily say, “Welcome to Red Buff: Human nature at its rawest and most dreadfully repressive.” Underneath is a smaller, ominous sign that reads something about deadly poison and 1080 baits. Is that what they plan to do to Gloria Linch?

  3. Tom says:

    I don’t get it! Everyone is going after the electric companies for upgrading their systems. I did not like what was going on with the electric utilities so I chose to move on, I no longer buy my electric service from them. Don’t go crazy after the companies make a choice and do it yourself.

    • onthelevelblog says:

      Hi Tom, While going off grid is certainly an option for many people, there are those that for whatever reason- location, poverty, etc cannot do this and are therefore stuck with the utilities. Should these people be forced to have a smart meter?

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