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Smart Meter Protesters Pack CPUC Meeting

Yesterday morning nearly 40 people addressed the California Public Utilities Commission, demanding an immediate halt to the ‘smart’ meter rollout and telling of widespread health impacts from the new wireless meters. Here is what our Director, Joshua Hart, told the … Continue reading

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Denying Non-Thermal Wireless Health Impacts Growing More Untenable Every Day

While government regulatory agencies continue to insist that non-thermal health impacts from wireless radiation cannot be proven,  we now have what amounts to a smoking gun- that the function of the human brain is significantly altered by exposure to relatively … Continue reading

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Anti- Smart Meter Protesters Greet Obama in Woodside

President Obama visited the Bay Area last night for a meeting with leaders of  the nation’s top tech firms at the Woodside home of John Doerr, a venture capitalist with links to Silver Spring Networks, one of the companies behind … Continue reading

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Feb. 16th Protest at the CA Public Utilities Commission

Thanks to EON for their video coverage of yesterday’s protest in San Francisco.

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PG&E Threatens Elderly Lady with Power Shut-off in Red Bluff

Reports are coming in from Red Bluff in Northern California that PG&E’s ‘smart’ meter installers have been threatening 78 year old ladies with having their power cut off unless they accept a new wireless meter on their home.   In the … Continue reading

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City Council Discovers ‘Smart’ Meters are not UL Certified

Underwriters Laboratory Confirms Meters Not Safety Tested, Raising Fire Safety Fears Capitola- During a meeting last week in which they joined six other local governments* who have passed laws criminalizing the installation of wireless ‘smart’ meters, the Capitola City Council … Continue reading

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Smart Meter Industry: “Energy Consumers are Rats in a Maze”

Recognition to the City of Capitola, who yesterday became the 7th local government in California to criminalize the installation of ‘smart’ meters in their jurisdiction.  (along with Marin, Santa Cruz, and Mendocino Counties, and the cities of Fairfax, Watsonville, and … Continue reading

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DRA Questions Accuracy of Industry-Led CCST Health Report

Last week, the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA) again weighed in on the increasingly contentious debate about the health impacts of wireless ‘smart’ meters.   The DRA- which advocates for low rates, safety and environmental protection- … Continue reading

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Stop Smart Meters! Exclusive: Interview with the Wellington Energy Whistleblower

Wellington Energy is the company that is installing PG&E’s new wireless ‘smart’ meters in California.  A former Wellington Energy employee sent us an e-mail late last year offering to speak with us about his experience installing smart meters in the … Continue reading

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Wyoming Smart Meters Installed Under Threat of Violence

A disturbing report from Wyoming this morning- a man who has metal implants, and was worried about the very real risk to his health [1] posed by the microwave radiation from the meters, was threatened with having his electricity cut … Continue reading

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