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Feb. 16th Protest at the CA Public Utilities Commission

Thanks to EON for their video coverage of yesterday’s protest in San Francisco. Advertisements

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PG&E Threatens Elderly Lady with Power Shut-off in Red Bluff

Reports are coming in from Red Bluff in Northern California that PG&E’s ‘smart’ meter installers have been threatening 78 year old ladies with having their power cut off unless they accept a new wireless meter on their home.   In the … Continue reading

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City Council Discovers ‘Smart’ Meters are not UL Certified

Underwriters Laboratory Confirms Meters Not Safety Tested, Raising Fire Safety Fears Capitola- During a meeting last week in which they joined six other local governments* who have passed laws criminalizing the installation of wireless ‘smart’ meters, the Capitola City Council … Continue reading

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Smart Meter Industry: “Energy Consumers are Rats in a Maze”

Recognition to the City of Capitola, who yesterday became the 7th local government in California to criminalize the installation of ‘smart’ meters in their jurisdiction.  (along with Marin, Santa Cruz, and Mendocino Counties, and the cities of Fairfax, Watsonville, and … Continue reading

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Stop Smart Meters! Exclusive: Interview with the Wellington Energy Whistleblower

Wellington Energy is the company that is installing PG&E’s new wireless ‘smart’ meters in California.  A former Wellington Energy employee sent us an e-mail late last year offering to speak with us about his experience installing smart meters in the … Continue reading

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San Francisco in PG&E’s Crosshairs for Exposure to “Extra Strength” Smart Meter Radiation

More cities and counties every week are moving to criminalize ‘smart’ meter installations in response to people who are being sickened by the powerful bursts of rf radiation (now up to 25 local governments have officially demanded a halt to … Continue reading

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Charging People to Safeguard their Health Has a Name- It’s Called Extortion

The New York Times reported last week that (after months of increasingly desperate attempts to make them realize that they are endangering public health) the California Public Utilities Commission is finally considering allowing people to opt out of being forced … Continue reading

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