“Insurgency” Grows in Northern California

[From eon3emfblog] Mothers concerned about the health of their families (or as PG&E refers to them, “insurgents”) outraged by County Boards of Supervisors inaction and by PG&E’s refusal to respond to their privacy, security, accuracy, health and civil rights concerns about wireless ‘smart’ meters and declare a moratorium on installation, close down PG&E service centers simultaneously in San Rafael and and Capitola, CA.
The coordinated actions show the growing public movement in opposition to the Northern California power monopoly’s attempt to force wireless meters on non-consenting rate payers, property owners and people being made sick by exposure to the radiation emitted by the untested devices.

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One Response to “Insurgency” Grows in Northern California

  1. Sandi says:

    Fabulous work!
    Thank you all for your efforts to raise public awareness, it is key. We must fight for ourselves and our communities health from forced exposure to radiation in our own homes. The utility companies will not prevail. Corporate trepass into our homes will not prevail. The health of the people must prevail over corporate profits and be acknowledged by all, even the utility companies who continue to bury the truth.

    We all know that the truth always comes to light, it refuses to be held captive in the dark forever. Thank you Josh for your leadership and dedication.

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