We Discuss “Explosive Issue” of ‘Smart’ Meters on KSCO

Radiation from PG&E's 'Smart' Meters hurts small brains

Last Saturday, Stop Smart Meters! was invited onto the 2-hour Saturday Special on local  independent radio station KSCO to discuss our opposition to ‘smart’ meters.  You can stream the broadcast or download it here.  PG&E was invited to take part but declined.  Perhaps it’s because they would have to admit that they have not done any cumulative or long term studies on the health impacts from the EMF radiation emitted by their meters.  We’ll be back on the air tomorrow (Saturday September 4th 10am-Noon) discussing the issue with host Michael Zwerling.

In the meantime, as part of our “Wellington Watch” we’re encouraging you to keep your eyes peeled for those Wellington trucks anywhere you see them throughout the state.   Protests earlier this week forced PG&E’s contractors Wellington Energy to abandon their staging facility in Santa Cruz County.   Wellington is now operating from a secret, undisclosed location in the County, hiding from public opinion and a local government consensus that the meter rollout must halt because of concerns about privacy invasion, health impacts, and overbilling.  WTF PG&E?

Watch for trucks like this in your neighborhood!

If you have seen white pick up trucks with a shell and the words ‘Wellington Energy’ on the door (as in the photo above), please warn your neighbors that they are about to receive a meter on  their house that will hurt their health and invade their privacy.

People are encouraged to follow the truck back to its base and report the location to us.

PG&E can run, but they cannot hide from public opinion!

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4 Responses to We Discuss “Explosive Issue” of ‘Smart’ Meters on KSCO

  1. Carl K. says:

    Wow, now they are doing this in secret. This is outrageous. We need to reign in this criminal behavior.

  2. Carleton Hoffman says:

    i’m glad there is some organized resistance to this latest intrusion by the rich and powerful into our personal lives but what i heard one of their overpaid agents say on the news tonite is that they don’t intend to allow any opt-outs. the local consumer advocates are addressing only the issue of people getting overcharged, as if that isn’t bad enough.
    now i want to know who is going to start organizing against our water department’s plan to shove its automated meters down our throats. i’m not the type of person who can initiate something like this.

  3. Sean says:

    You faggots have no jobs and are trying to put those Wellington guys out of work, what a selfish organized group. The cpuc said that they declared safe and accurate! They are mandatory and if u don’t like it go get solar or move out of the country, no one likes unemployed dip shits like you here anyway. Oh by the way they operate off of radio waves less than a car stereo, not a cell network and there is no radiation emitted from the smart meters, but there is off your cell phone. And you actually break the law by following those installers around and walking on to other peoples property, they are permitted to be there u aren’t. Once again maybe if you were a regular citizen like the rest of us living life, and not trying to get your 60 seconds of fame, and you would start to learn that technology is gunna happen you can go with it or be left behind! I want my smart meter half the time the stupid reader never even gets out of his truck to read my meter, thus getting inaccurate bills constantly. Go away you incompetent losers.

    • Sandi says:

      Wellington are Subcontracters USED to limit PG&E’s liability, and they can go out find another worthwhile contracted job for THEIR employees. You are gambling against yourself my friend that you won’t get sick from the radiation, and that is your conscience decision, but you have neighbors to be concerned about if you are not for yourself.

      This fight is not about momentary fame…this is one of the most important contrabutions that a man or woman can offer their family, friends, and neighbors in their lives. This is the largest untested technological event in history. Yes, you can be the frog in the pot…As for me and my house we will not!

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